•   Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho starts again the championship matches right after the Corona-break, this weekend. On Saturday, January 9th, 2021 Lentiskerho meets Kuortane (the Youth National Volleyball team) at Kyyjärvi and on Sunday 10th, we face JymyVolley in Nurmo. Our previous matches in the League were on December 1st when we beat Rovaniemi WoVo team 3-0. 

      Today, Lentiskerho is placed third in the series (36/17) but LP Viesti is lurking right behind us with only one point and two played matches less (35/15). Kangasala is leading the series (43/15) and  Kuusamo comes second (36/15). The order in the series can well change in the coming crosswise matches but – unless we see some kind of crashes – the abovementioned teams will be the top-4 teams. The series is for 28 matches and now the teams have 11-13 matches still to play.


      Unfortunately we have some bad news for the volleyball fans and friends as audience is not allowed at the Loimua Areena in January. Anyhow, you can follow the matches in social media, Ruutu Plussa tv channel and in Hämeen Sanomat. And, of course, in the Lentiskerho own web pages and Facebook.

      During the one-month break Lentiskerho has been training hard. We are ready for the big challenges in the spring, says Matteo Pentassuglia, the Head Coach of Hämeenlinnan Lentopallokerho in the video interview.

      “We have been - for one month and almost ten days - only practicing, without championship matches. This period has been double-phased:

       On one phase we could focus on ourselves and practice the things we think were not going so well in matches before. On the other phase there was of course the fact that we didn’t play any matches and did not compete with anyone. But the thing that makes me most happy is that we were trying to find the challenges during our practice, we didn’t stop, we keep on going. We had just a little break during Christmas, on all the other days we were practicing with the team.

       I am very satisfied with the team: even though we had no matches and it would have been easy to slow down - especially mentally. We were keeping our mentality really high, challenging ourselves every day; first individually and then with the others in the team. Now we are ready to start again: we prepare ourselves to be better in the start, and just now we will prepare ourselves to start the Championship matches. We are now going to Kuortane and Nurmo as we will play four matches during January.

       I think we got a good preparation time during the one month – month-and-a-half time. We are ready and excited to start the games. As you know, sports is about competing with someone. And that is what we miss. We are so happy to start now.”